Sharing your Information to improve your care What we record at the practice:

Healthcare professionals in our practice record information about the care we provide. The type of information that is recorded includes the following:

  • Demographics, e.g. address, telephone number, e-mail, date of birth, gender etc
  • What you tell us when you see us in consultation, e.g. about your physical and psychological health and social circumstances
  • Diagnosis, investigations, treatments, referrals, family background
  • Social information, e.g. housing status, alcohol, smoking status
  • Third part sources, e.g. hospital letters, A&E attendances, relatives, carers, insurance companies, solicitors

What we already share about you:

We share different types of information about our patients. These include:

  • Personal information about you and your illness, when needed for your direct care, e.g. referral to Hospital Consultants, District Nurses, Health Visitors, Midwives, Counsellors, The summary Care Record
  • Patient identifiable information to public health, in order to arrange programs for childhood immunisations, communicable diseases, cervical smears and retinal screening
  • With explicit consent, personal information to other organisations outside the NHS, e.g. insurance companies, benefits agencies
  • Limited information about you, if relevant, to protect you and others, e.g. to social services child protection investigations
  • Under certain acts of parliament to protect you and others e.g. court orders
  • Summary information which is anonymised (cannot identify you) e.g. quality and outcome framework (QOF), medical research and clinical audit

Sharing your Information to Improve your Care Leaflet
Sharing your Information - Frequently Asked Questions

General Data Protection Regulations

As from the 25th May 2018 the 'General Data Protection Regulations' (GDPR) will come in to force in the UK – the information on this page is currently being updated to ensure that our patients have the information they need about how their Personal Health Data is processed, stored and shared The Practice is currently working through the new legislation requirements, reviewing and updating our policies and procedures, training our Practice Team members and preparing update information ready for publication for our patients.

Privacy Notice

You may also be interested to view the table 'Data Sharing Initiatives – Your Medical Care Joint Together' which lets you view at a glance the different organisations involved and the type of information they have access to with your permission.

Initiatives - Your Medical Care Joined Together


Sharing Your Information to Improve Care

This system will allow health and social care professionals from outside the GP practice directly involved in your care to view the most up-to-date information about you. This allows the professionals caring for you to more fully understand your needs and means you only have to tell your history once.

You will be asked for your consent whenever a professional outside the GP practice wishes to view your record. If you do not wish your information to be shared in this way please let us know.

Risk profiling is an NHS service that will help your GP spot whether you might need early treatment or care.

Your health information will be profiled and the results will be seen only by your GP and health care professionals involved in your care pathway.

NHS security systems will protect the information from beginning to end.

If you have any other concerns about the use of your information, please contact the Practice Manager, Karen Senior on 01226 203420.